The Psychology of Completion
The Psychology of Completion

The Psychology of Completion

In a conference, Seth Godin was speaking about how he managed to bring out so many books, articles and columns which made an impact. He said “The key to being a failure is shipping. Keep shipping your product, article or book even if in your mind its not completed. In the many failures I have had, one of the key things I did was to keep on shipping my work”.

Knowingly or unknowingly, I think even i am doing the same thing. After i decided to write each day for 100 days, no matter if it makes sense or does not, I am writing. Its almost 60 days now and I have not stopped. I have not gained many followers nor did people start interacting with me on my expertise, but all it takes is one good article and one good day, am sure i can make an impact.

Coming to Entrepreneurship or even personally, the key to achieving your goal is to keep on shipping out what you do. It might not be complete, will never be, but you will be making an impact.

There is nothing called completion for any individual, its an ongoing process. Be it a product (thats why we have versions coming out regularly) or writings (updated books are reprinted), the completion is never there. It keeps going.

So, the next time you embark on solving a problem, keep trying out the result every day, don’t procrastinate. Keep it going. It will be a mental pressure for you indirectly and you will keep pushing yourself to bring it to shape.

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