The tao of follow up
The tao of follow up

The tao of follow up

How many times do you follow up on a request? Be it sales, life, a request or anything. If you ask a sales person, they say that they follow up 4-5 times and the decide what do next. But, 4-5 times is max a follow up is made.

In life, if you need anything, how many times do you follow up? As many times as required until your job is completed. I personally have followed up on few requests for extended times until my work is done.

In 2021, I met a potential client. Did the presentation and demo. They asked few questions and I genuinely got back to them in a day or two. However, no response. I continued to follow up. I followed up twice in two days, then sent a reminder the following week and this continued for 4 weeks. Post that, i followed up twice a month (alternative weeks). After 2 months, I followed up once in a quarter. In between, a response saying that they are still considering but will need time. I left it there. After about 6 months they called and asked us to come. We went and a new set of team was present (point of contact being the same). Again, blank. Followed the same process. Finally in March 2023 they called us back and signed the contract. What made it memorable is when the client said “Hari, your consistent and periodic follow ups are the key reason we are signing with you, that shows you are serious about the long term commitment.” This made my day.

It took persistence and patience, but the result is a success. I am not saying every time it might be the same, but there are good chances when you continue to follow up persistently, it will definitely leave an impression.

My friends in Sales are against it. They say that you should follow a template and stop following up post a timeline. Why? Probably because they are in sales and I am a founder?

In Today’s world, every day you see new competition, but how do you differentiate yourself, by being persistent and then demonstrating your loyalty.

Follow up regularly, it does matter and it will matter one day.

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