How to prioritise you ideas?
How to prioritise you ideas?

How to prioritise you ideas?

Every day, each minute you have some idea popping out in your head. How do you channelise your energies to find the right idea(s) to work on?

Let me share with you how I do it.

I use Eisenhower Matrix.

This is a task management method, how did I customise this into an ideation tool?

I work on 2 things – HAPLO, our startup and Studio NAVAKA, my writings & consulting LLP. I distribute my time based on the weeks plan.

To write down and follow up on my ideas, I use TickTick and customised the template to suit my needs.

This is just for my ideas. I keep writing them down in this template. I created another matrix where i use that on weekly basis. On Saturday, I sit down to look at the upcoming week and put all the things I need to get done and select an idea or two to brain storm with myself.

To organise my ideas, I use Evernote and Notion. Evernote has all the links and articles which I reference and Notion has all blog writings. For articles and the book am working on, I am using LivingWriter, a cloud based book writing app. There are a lot of bugs, but its working for me.

So, how do you organise your ideas?

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