Unwinding is a very important aspect for everyone. Especially, for Entrepreneurs and Ideators. Why? Entrepreneurs and Ideators don’t just go to work and come home every day. They deal with lot of things which are not common for everyone each day.

I am mentally stressed when I don’t get time to unwind. It is a very important process of my day. I need to get my personal time at lease for 30 minutes each day and this should not relate to any work.

On a daily basis, walking in the morning with my pet unwinds me. Its a totally me time I get and in the night before I get to sleep, I watch some comedy video for 15-30 minutes which will make me forget the days hardships.

Scientists also approve unwinding every day is very important to ensure your body is is not taking any stresses and relax’s.

So, How do you unwind?

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