Importance of trying new things
Importance of trying new things

Importance of trying new things

You are hungry, do you go to your favourite place to eat or try something new? You are meeting with friends, do you go to the regular pub or try a new pub?

Constantly, we get into the situation of having alternatives or just go with our comfort decision.

To develop creativity, one should definitely try new things.

In the most famous Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance, Robert Pirsig says, instead of the regular conversational opener “Whats new”, try “Whats best?” It’s not easy. You don’t have a best every day.

As an Entrepreneur and Ideator, how do you get ideas? in one word “by observing”. What do you observe and how do you observe? The more frequently you see and experience different things, the more regularly you keep thinking of doing something different. For instance, when we shift or build our own home, we have a lot of ideas. Once settled, the creative flow decreases and over the period of time just stick to cleaning the home. But, when we visit someone’s home and you see the beautification, again our creative juices flow and we get excited to do something new in our home. Why does this happen? What happens when we stick to a routine? There is nothing wrong in it, but neurons activity becomes monotonous.

I predominantly work alone (nature of my work) and I stick to a routine. Once a while, the routine gets boring and change places. When this happens, my brain starts working like a Ferrari.

It is very important to try something new every week, if not every day. Try to do something different in your routine each day to bring out your creativity or do it as frequently as you can and see the difference.

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