Progress begets progress
Progress begets progress

Progress begets progress

Many a times, we don’t celebrate as much. Yes, thats true. When was the last time you celebrated an achievement?

In the corporate world, when a release goes through or when a certain milestone is reached, there is a team lunch, a pep talk from manager or a round of drinks in the evening. That’s it. The next day, we are back to the grid. Accomplishments are forgotten and the next release or update is being worked on.

Instead, one day a week, celebrate past achievements. Look at what you have accomplished the previous week or any past milestone. Write a few of them on your board to keep seeing them regularly or jot down on post-it’s and put them around your table or desk. Keep looking at them.

Trust me, this reminds you of your passion, persistence and strengths. This is what drives you to the next success.

In essence, celebrate more often and this will help you achieve more.

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