When to leave it to chance?
When to leave it to chance?

When to leave it to chance?

When to leave it to chance?

As an Entrepreneur, every day we want to give up. But, we don’t. Many a times we sleep thinking tomorrow is going to be the day when a miracle happens and LUCK will have a chance. This repeats the next day too.

What is LUCK?

L – Location

U – Understanding

C – Connection

K – Knowledge

I read this long ago, and this stuck to me. In the last 3 years of HAPLO, there were many nights I went to bed deciding that I wanted to close shop, but never did even after 4 years. Why?

I will mix a bit of spirituality and consciousness in this post.

When ever there was a crucial day, I don’t know why, but something came around and helped me next morning to focus on what needs to be accomplished and things fall in place. I don’t know if you want to call this LUCK, but I strongly feel it’s the blessing of my Guru’s.

How do you know if you want to leave it to chance?

The day you are in a crucial state and the day you want to give up, some miracle comes around and helps you to get past the day.

Let me be honest. I owe a lot of money to 3 people in my life (I am purposefully not tagging them in this post even through they are available online and active). The reason is that this is a blessing. I was under tremendous pressure to repay the loas and I still am(and am not wanting to avoide), but something is telling them to give me a chance and I will not give up before I close their accounts. Its been 3-4 years now and believe me, they have followed up and I gave the same answer all the time, that I am unable to repay, but am not giving up. How did this happen? I think, its not just me, its the higher power which is also telling them to give me a chance and they are obliging.

The day’s when I get messages or calls from them asking about repayment, I sincerely sit down and meditate/pray and tell the universe that I am unable to pay today, but am sure I will one day. When is that day? I don’t know. But, still, tell the universe the same. They never follow up again. Is this God’s blessings or their greatness, it is their greatness and acknowledgement that I am trying hard, but things are not working for me.

You should leave it to chance when you are giving your best and things are not falling in place. The universe knows and conveys the same to them too.

So, be sincere in what you do and your prayers or your message to the universe (in case you don’t believe in spirituality), things will fall in place and your message will be communicated.

Believe in your self-power.

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