The why
The why

The why

Have you seen the famous Ted talk by Simon Sinek, Start with Why? ? If you have not, here is the link to it.

This talk really changed the way I operate. I heard this while i was in my job and for every project, I used to Start with the Why. Now, after being an entrepreneur, I use this more often and it has helped me a lot.

When I speak about value creation, first we need to understand WHY the solution is being created. For instance, let me share the why statement of HAPLO,

We are passionate about simplifying technology for the non-technology establishments. With this in mind, we started by automating everyday tasks to reduce the manual workload. We created a simple pay-to-use subscription platform to address this problem. Why don’t you try us?

and for Studio NAVAKA, I have a simple Why,

Being a corporate professional and entrepreneur myself, having gone thorough the challenges of bringing an idea to life, I curated my experiences clubbed with my passion to coach and help others into a framework I call thinkStrategy. Let me share my experiences and help you bring your idea to life.

Even though people understand, I have not heard a single company selling their product or service by answering the why. They do understand the value, but their customers don’t. They go with what the market perception means.

Having a clear why will help you understand your product better and this will always keep you in focus with the features and enhancements you keep adding.

What is your Why?

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