Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is just not about idea and Execution, but also about inclusiveness.

We need to understand that there are other people around us. What ever we do, it is for them (yes, we will also benefit from the solution).

When I talk to entrepreneurs/startup enthusiasts and colleagues. Most of the time the common thing I get to hear is for whatever they wish to do, they have competition or someone else wants to take the credit. Who does not have? All of us compete to live our life.

When you have a startup/ an idea at work, look around and see who are the competitors and who are trying to solve similar problems. Talk to them and see if your idea can be “included” in theirs, or you can “include” their idea in yours. It is not simple, but it does not hurt to Ask.

Our Ideas are different from others. But, there will be a similarity somewhere. Try to identify the point and explore on it.

The next question which arises is – If there is no competition, how will we get better at what we do? I do agree, but in today’s world, being together gives scope for solving in a larger scale.

I am not advocating that you should not have your own idea and take it forward, all what I am saying is when idea’s collaborate, it solves bigger problems and also both the parties mutually benefit.

I have one example – India Post. Can anyone beat their network? For instance, India Posts cover 25,000 Pin Codes in the Country and even the largest Courier service only reaches to 10,000.

Amazon, FlipKart and SnapDeal are doing their Pilot with India Posts to enhance their reach.

This is what I am referring to in inclusiveness. When you include, you win.

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