Productivity tools I use
Productivity tools I use

Productivity tools I use

I always wanted to write about this topic, but stopped myself since they might not fit into the subjects I deal with. But, today, I wanted to come out of the shell and wanted to write how technology inspires me to get more things done.


I am a tech geek. Love exploring new tech and how can it better my life each day. My go to phone is my Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max . Would love to upgrade to the latest one, but since this device is as good as new, I don’t complain.

I have two phones. One for personal use and one for official use. I used to have Galaxy Fold 3, but exchanged it for S23 ultra in an irresistible deal. Even though I use it very less, it helps me to have both the world of Apple eco-system and Android ecosystem.

For computing, I use a MacBook Air and iPad Pro first generation (five years old now).


The one thing I rely on are my reminders. Even though, I am not bad at remembering things, I always like to have a reminder just in case I get lost during the day.

My go to task manager is Apple To-Do for the sheer convenience of dictating my reminders instead of typing. Professionally, Todoist does the job well.

Hand Writing

Even though there is a lot of tech surrounding us, I am someone who loves to write down my notes and thoughts. I use a simple notebook and my very first Mont Blanc fountain pen which I got 17 years ago.

However, recently I got the RocketBook Fusion Smart re-usable book. It’s more than $100 in India, but I asked a friend to carry it for me when he was coming. So, costed me $24.

This book is just amazing. Plan your weekly schedule, write all your notes, scan with the app and upload to Evernote. Once done, use the cloth which comes with it, sprinkle some water and erase all the notes. Now, your notes are digitised and also the book is reusable. Absolutely phenomenal.

Online Writing

Predominantly I use Notion. For my book writing, I use LivingWriter, a decent book writing product. What I like about LivingWriter is its SaaS offering. No need to install (they do have a Mac and Windows App) and all your writing is in sync. However, one challenge is that if i don’t check, then the Mac app goes offline and if you are travelling, you need to wait for signal to start using the app again.


One thing we need is to focus and for that, if you are like me, you might listen to music. Even though its not absolute noise cancelling, I use Focal Bathys headphones which are a treat to the ears. The best part is that these are the only headphones which come with DAC option in-built and you need not use any other converter.

Music for focus

There are many tracks in Apple Music, Spotify and also YouTube. But I use try using their focus and creativity modes for the best outcome.

What accessories do you use for enhancing your productivity?

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