Product Coaching Framework
Product Coaching Framework

Product Coaching Framework

We looked the kinds of coaching methodologies earlier.

The aim and focus of Product Coaching is completely different.

While coaching models focus on individuals, Product Coaching focus’s on the Organisation, Product and the Human capital.

Can coaching really help in becoming successful? Let’s be honest. Nothing guarantees success than commitment, and hard work. However, when we focus on something, there are many a times we loose track of time or money or resources and rework to bring them back together.

When an organisation is building something, there are many stakeholders. Especially startup’s and SME’s cannot afford to loose they money or time. One of the things which can help keep the idea on track is someone who can keep the three forces together and bring everyone on the same page.

I worked for a little of 12 Years in a company called Cerner Corporation (now Oracle Cerner). The vision is so powerful, that even today (after leaving Cerner 7 years ago) I can recite the Vision statement in my sleep. It was so powerful and they ensured it connects with you. This gave me a purpose to work on. Cerner’s vision statement read*, to connect the appropriate stakeholder and resources with just-in-time information to enhance the quality of care.* This changed today, but what we connected with was the simpler and powerful vision. This brought many people together. Each role was important because end of the day our work is being used for some patient in some hospital somewhere in the world.

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to spend time with their teams to help keep focus in them. Founders and Leadership don’t have a lot of time because they are in the pressure to make things work. So, how do you bring all your resources together for optimal outcomes?

At least few members from each team should always focus on the future, believe in the company’s vision to ensure that teams are not going off-track.

Product Coaching derives its framework based on 3 key aspects – Human Capital, Product (Offering of the company) and the Organisation itself.

Human Capital

The soul of any company are its people. It is important to bring the right people on to the team. However, while hiring since there is only so much one can do, deploying a powerful induction program can play a huge role in setting the tone to how you want your team to think and operate.


For any product or service, there are 3 key aspects to enhancing its value – Efficiency, ROI and its Value. How do you build a product which aim’s at these three? By enabling winning thinking among teams.


The value of the solution for the problem its solving, its vision, mission and culture.

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