The importance of a Business Plan
The importance of a Business Plan

The importance of a Business Plan

Thinking of a Business model from day one keeps us on track to achieve our dreams. What we need to do, how we need to do, what do we require and what is the end result.

We use GPS in unknown territories to get guided in the right direction. We did not create the maps, we don’t know if its the right path or not, but we trust the guidance.

While using Maps, I am sure you have encountered situations where the map is showing a route, but due to various reasons it is closed and you have to deviate and get to your destination.

A Business plan is like a GPS, guiding you through each step of your journey. However, the difference between Maps and your Business Plan is that you did not create the map, someone else did, but you are following, but Business Plan is something you create. You will encounter situations where you planned something, but after going half-way, you will need to redirect yourself because of some road blocks to reach your destination.

The more time you spend on writing your business plan, the probability of your success is higher.

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