The 100 Days Project
The 100 Days Project

The 100 Days Project

In September 2023, I personally wanted to have 100 day plan which will be completed on 31 December. I wanted to focus on one things – Discipline.

I wanted to develop good habits and improve myself. Here were the goals I was thinking about:

  1. Write every day for 100 days.
  2. Run 2 KM’s every day.

In the second week of September, I saw a post on Facebook from Kiruba saying that he is planning to do a 100 day project and people can join him in the journey. I immediately pinged him and signed up.

We kicked off the project on 22 September 2023 with a call where all of us got introduced to each other and shared what we wanted to accomplish. We decided to have a call on Saturday evenings ever alternate weeks to sync up and motivate each other.

This group is an amazing one and each one is highly accomplished in their own fields, but the best part is each of us were procrastinating about something or the other and this 100 day project is something to stop that. Each of them have build their own success stories and this is kind of group which gave me the motivation that failures are just show-stoppers before the big success arrives.

All my writings are on my blog and also on my LinkedIn


  1. After a month into the project, listening to each of them about their stories and their book writing projects, I decided to bring all my blogs into a book and I am working towards getting it published by March 2024. Also, this gave me the idea to work on my PhD too.
  2. I am still not running, but started to cycle.
  3. My passion towards my work increased many folds.

Here are the people I met in the group. Please connect with them and see what amazing work they do.

Anupriya Chowdhary

Bharathidasan Moorti

Dr. Sundaram Chintamani

Dewdrop Shaheena

Edward Eltham

Krishne Gowda

Lakshmana Narayana V

Lokesh Rajendrababu

Mia Liljeberg

Ra. Ma. Palaniappan

Sunil Gupta

Sivakumar Palaniappan

and I saved the best to the last, the initiator Kiruba Shankar

Well, just look at the profile of each one and if this group does not bring change in your life, no one else can.

Thank you everyone, lets definitely initiate this project every year.

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