the discipline of freedom


The question Who am I, can turn very philosophical and probably I might not have an answer 🙂

However, to give you a background, I was born and raised in the City of Destiny and live in Garden City in India.

I spent considerable amount of time in #HealthTech working with one of the World’s largest HealthCare ERP Platforms and this have given me an opportunity to see in person how HealthCare is delivered around the world (except South America, Canada, Africa and China).

Since my college days, technology and entrepreneurship has always given me a sheer sense of changing the world.

After I left my full-time I started my journey in building my own boutique consulting firm and also co-founded HAPLO.

What makes me qualified to claim what I do?

Very valid question. Until you speak to me, you might not agree with me, but am definitely qualified.

I spent 15 years in corporate world playing various roles and moving across teams and divisions. This gives me the understanding how teams and organisations work. I have personally seen how organisations recognise innovations from team members and how these individuals are different from the rest.

I designed the courses and workshops which would take into consideration various operating models and hence be apt and meaningful to the audience.

The Entrepreneur in me….

For the last 13 years, have been part of various Entrepreneur eco-systems and personally worked with few amazing people to create HeadStart Network Foundation. This gives me the exposure into various challenges Entrepreneurs go through.

I am also the co-founder at HAPLO, a prop-tech SaaS offering working towards enhancing the experience for Commercial Real Estate by capturing the interactions between users and the office space. I have gone through and still go through challenges faced by founders and these experiences are incorporated into my workshops to help aspiring entrepreneurs see them earlier.

My niche

A Combination of Professional and Entrepreneurial experience paved way for me to create my niche in Intrapreneurship. I am working on various methods in which I can help employees create meaningful impact in their organisations.

All my work is public, browse through my Blog, spend sometime to see what I share on my YouTube Channel (While you are there, could you hit the subscribe button, it would mean a lot to me) and don’t forget to check out my writings, upcoming books and my unique Consulting work structures and Courses I offer.

If you still have questions, I am just a connect away on LinkedIn or Facebook, else use the form below or click the WhatsApp link to send me a message.