the discipline of freedom



  1. Hi Hari, I was looking for a car detailing in blore, but a google search located one of ur old blogs about a car wash u did and eventually i landed here on your website. Man, u really rocks. The number of the books u mentioned is really worth a look and thanks a ton for listing the links. I’m sure i will end up reading u’r blogs in coming days. What happened to ur company website? still in design? if need any design clues, just shoot a mail back and thats not for money sake but thats way i can help u out! May u’r venture grow and expecting loooooooooots of good blogs in future.

  2. Hari

    Thank you very much for your kind works Nevin. My company website is still under way. I am working on the design part and hopefully I can get it up soon. Sure, I will definitely write to you for help.

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