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Articulating the why

You can be successful today only if you know what you’re doing and why   The most important part of being successful is understanding why you are able to be successful. Success comes with lot of factors – Luck, Connections, Knowledge and being at the right place and at the right time. Apart from all these factors, there is one…

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Contradictory Data

Knowledge does not progress merely by gathering data, but by looking for contradictory data.    Many a times we like to make decisions based on available data. You want to buy a car and you start looking out based on your budget and interest. In the process we ask our friends as to what their recommendation is and take in…

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Challenges which cannot be overcome

We encounter situations which we feel that it cannot be overcome in any way. We are struck and nothing can be done. One thinking is that this is never the case. All situations can be overcome and all it requires is applying our learnings and experiences. At the precise moment, what we need is the ability to think and how…

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Competitive Spirit

I couldn’t help but admire the advertisement from Mercedes celebrating 100 years of BMW. This is the power of competitive spirit. Mercedes in this advertisement is playfully complimenting BMW for their competition and also criticizing that they did not bring out any innovative products in the last 30 years. Complementing competition is something which will flourish. Accepting and acknowledging the…

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Experience – Future of Healthcare

There are more than 50,000 apps which track your health on a mobile phone today. There are numerous wearables which track various vital statistics of the human body. There are good number of companies which are helping address various aliments through technology. There are pure Healthcare technology companies which are removing paper from Hospitals by building software to improve efficiencies.…

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Checklist thinking

Thinking is an art. Winston Churchill once said “Most people think once a year, I practiced to think twice a week and that is why I am here”. So, what is so different and difficult in thinking? Thinking is simple, but yet very complicated. If we just read what Churchill said, we can understand that there is something more to…

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Anatomy of Healthcare Startup’s

Healthcare startup’s have raised close to $10 Billion worldwide in 2015 and the numbers are only increasing. What is interesting is apart from the e-Commerce, finding Doctors and Networking for Doctors, today’s startup’s are addressing almost all parts of the human body re-defining the way we live. What components of the Human Body are startup’s addressing?    Brain Autoimmune Lungs…

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Health hazards in Agriculture

I wanted to touch this topic because, in today’s world, technology is helping us provide better Healthcare to rural areas. Rural areas predominantly do not have access to higher Healthcare facilities. Mobile Health camps, PHC’s are helping address the needs, but it is important for us to utilize the power of Mobile reach and device new ideas to help improve…

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Direct 2 Consumer

In this era of Digital Health, Entrepreneurs and Organizations are beginning to reach the Consumer directly in building an ecosystem for their offerings. In Healthcare, mostly Business 2 Business is the prevailing approach. For a home Diabetic testing machine, earlier Physician/Hospital used to recommend a particular product, but today, manufacturers are reaching to Consumers directly and Consumer is having all…

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Big Data in Healthcare

Big Data is going to change the way we live. Wearable devices, Insurance claim information, Electronic Medical Records, Apps collecting data on phone etc are all good samaritans of Big Data. What can we do with Big Data – Analysis, Predictions, Preventive Care, Best Practices etc are few of the aspects which we can derive from the Data. There are…

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