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Starting up to Sell (S2S)

In today’s world, starting a company, finding funding and taking products to market is not tough, but the toughest is to sustain the business. The moment your idea is out in the market, there are a hundred others who will bring similar products with different Business Models. As an Innovator and Entrepreneur, your success depends on how well informed you…

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The last mile

Knowledge does not progress merely by gathering data, but by looking for contradictory data.    Many a times we like to make decisions based on available data. You want to buy a car and you start looking out based on your budget and interest. In the process we ask our friends as to what their recommendation is and take in…

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Revisiting Expectations

All of us have expectations. Be it at home, work, with friends and family. Everywhere and every time. The most important aspect of expectations is that it becomes the root cause of our disappointments. So, should I not have expectations? You should. We should. All of us should have expectations. But, these expectations should come with the reality. The reality…

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Ask is the one important factor and the first step towards success. What would have happened if Newton never asked himself “Why did the apple fall down?” What would have happened if Henry Ford asked his potential customers “What do you want?” What would have happened if Richard Branson never asked himself why should he get into airline business? What would…

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Thinking Big

We hear it everyday; in School, In College and at our workplace. “You need to think big if you need to be successful or get things done”. What does this exactly mean? Thinking big is the ability to understand the situation and analytically arrive at an answer. This is not easy. Having an understanding of a situation demands understanding the…

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Everyday we see news articles and posts on Social Media about a lot of things. In my feed on Facebook for instance, for every 100 posts which come up, 60% are perception based which fortunately or unfortunately are “shared” and not supported with authentic data and mostly leave a negative mark. In today’s world what we really need in “Perception…

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How to become a Visionary?

 Visionaries are people who thin they want to change the world in what ever way they can. By creating their own company, by writing, by traveling, by reading, by sharing their ideas or by creating value in their own lives. When you embark on a journey with the intention of creating value to yourself, it starts with humiliation, rejection and…

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5 Steps to create your Niche.

Creating a niche to bring out the best in yourself always is not an easy one. In today’s world, identifying skill set, nurturing the right attributes with apt understanding of domain are the key qualities to establish oneself.   The 10 Year Rule To be a perfectionist in a particular field, one needs 10,000 hours of practice. Let us break this into a practical way to implement.   Years 1-2 of your career goes into understanding the “working world” after spending 21 years in school/college.   Years 2-4 go into understand what the work is.   Years 4-6 go into mastering what you are doing.   At this juncture, you need to understand what you wish to do – If you wish to add professional qualifications to strengthen subject knowledge or find work which will help you broaden understanding of the subject.   Years 6-8 go into building on the learnings.   The last two years in the decade goes into establishing yourself as the Subject Matter Expert.   These 10 years will help you complete 10,000 hours of practice and help you identify, create and nurture your niche.   If you aspire to make a meaningful impact in what you do, identifying you niche is the first step.

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What I learnt at a Football Game?

Today, for the first time, had an opportunity to see the KC Chief’s in action live at an almost packed stadium playing the Indianapolis Colts. It was electrifying. The open stadium is filled with Red (the official colour of KC Chiefs) beating odds of a mild snowfall too. I loved the passion in each of the supporters. I cannot really…

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