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What is the cost of Failure?

Seth Godin once said, the cost of failure is dwarfed by the huge cost of not trying. This is absolutely very true. Most of the times we do not even take the next step because we are afraid as to what will happen next. We are in our comfort zone and we wish to be there. At work or even…

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A very good friend of mine and I once walked into Audi showroom in Bangalore. We just wanted to inquire about their Q3 offering. We initially planned that we would go there, inquire and be back in 30 minutes. After we entered, we were greeted by a receptionist and she then put us to the Executive who was in-charge for…

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Wearable Technology – Future of Healthcare

Wearable Technology has been in existence for over last 5 years. However, in India, it is slowly gaining acceptance. People have started using Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit and now GoQii (Home grown Indian startup in wearable technology space). Garmin has predominantly been in use with sports persons (Running, Golf and Cycling) and Fitbit has also come to India few years…

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2 Questions before you Startup

I don’t even want to start with the list of question you would need to answer to family, friends and yourself before you startup. In the long list of questions, there are 2 questions which stand out and answering these two questions with clarity will help answer all the remaining one’s in a breeze. So, what are the 2 questions?…

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If you are entrepreneur or work for a company, the most important aspect of your efforts are showing the value of what is being delivered. Earlier I was in a conversation with one of my mentors and during the course of our conversation he stressed upon two things we need to do as individuals – Present the story well and…

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