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Thinking for the ‘app’ markets

In today’s world, startup’s are focusing on utilizing technology to bring in elements of convenience to the end user. Strategies for market penetration and consumer usage (downloads) have evolved over the period of time. Few elements of marketing have remained the same and will do so. Word of mouth marketing has a lot of value. Have you tried using this…

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Why should you bootstrap?

From the time we are born and till we complete schooling, parents bootstrap. When we get to college, we do not have Credit Cards (Funding), but we do odd jobs to support ourselves. When the biggest and the most important aspects of life are arising out of bootstrapping, then why not our Ideas? Why do we look for funding? Bootstrapping…

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Demand Aggregation

What is the Business Model of eBay? It is a site where sellers quote their price and buyers come to buy what is being offered. In the process, the seller and the buyer both benefit and also the ratings given by both seller and buyer play an active role in determining the price point. This is called Demand Aggregation. In…

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Solving the Healthcare maze

When India got Independence in 1947, average life expectancy was 47 Years and today, average life expectancy is at 66.21 Years (we rank 139). Japan leads the list with average life expectancy at 84 Years followed by Spain, Andorra, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore and San Mario at 83 Years. The country with the least life expectancy is Sierra Leone at…

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Investor Pitch Template

Recently, there was a request in one of the groups to share a Investor Pitch presentation template and many shared various templates. I did one investor pitch quite sometime ago using a well defined Business Plan template and a beautiful presentation template. After the presentation, one elderly gentleman came up to us and asked us if we created them and…

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Invention Vs Innovation

Invention can happen with a single person, but it takes a long time and lot of efforts for that to become an Innovation. Charles Babbage was the first person who invented the programmable computer in the earlier 19th Century. The following years and decades transformed the whole meaning and design of the Computer. What we are dealing with today is…

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Market Opener’s

The key problems in this world are solved. Other not so high priority problems have undergone various iterations and almost settled now. The remaining problems are left for us to be solved. Today’s innovations are mostly focused on enhancing usability and bringing technology more closer to people. Each of us have varied definitions of Innovation. In their book on Innovation:…

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Set your goal

When we start our careers we have varied goals (at least most of us) and over the period of time we tend to develop setting our goals and this is not wrong. Before having an generalised approach towards life, we need to be very clear on what is the ultimate objective is? It can be anything, but the one aspect…

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