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Startup Reviews

Startup Reviews

As a Startup Enthusiast and Business Model Tester, I ventured into writing about potential Startup’s which are working on disruptive ideas.

How does this work?

Send me a note to hnpv at harinathpv dot com providing me details on your startup/idea.

we can then discuss in detail and I will work on writing about the idea and thoughts on how this is a differentiator.

How is it beneficial?

As you know, more the links to your web page, the higher the ranking of your service on web search engines. With connections to more than 3000 people across all my networks, your idea reaches to the larger audience.

As an out-of-the-box thinker, I can also help you think more in detail and help answer any questions which you might have missed while building the concept.



nameRnewborn – A website focusing on providing baby names through easy to manage contests and accessibility to larger name pool.


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