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Self-authored Books

Spirituality & Entrepreneurship

This book will cover many aspects on Entrepreneurship and provides an overview o how a Spiritual mind-set can help you achieve your Goals.

Becoming an Intrapreneur

Starting up in HealthTech 

Over the last 3 years, there are more than 300 startups focusing in the Healthcare domain in India. More than a Billion Dollars has gone into these startup’s trying to solve problems through technology in India.

Through this book, I will introduce readers to the Healthcare infrastructure in India, Policy, Law, Funding, Ideating, Building and be Implementing technology products in a diverse country like our’s through interviews and my interactions with people who are making a difference.

Co-authored Books

1. Co-Authored ‘Software Testing Guide Book v3 – ~ 2007
Part 2 of Software Testing Guide Book focuses on providing Testing guidelines for different kinds of applications. You can download here.


1. Understanding, Designing and Testing Use Cases , 2002 –
This paper aims at providing an introduction to Use Cases (one of the nine UML diagrams), Deriving test cases from Use Cases and also guidelines to test the same.

2. Testing Applications for Pocket PC, 2003 –
When I wrote this paper in 2002, Pocket PC’s were just entering the market. I had an opportunity to test an HealthCare application on Pocket PC’s and this article came out of my experience. Today technology has evolved and there are many other considerations which you need to take into account. If time permits, I will definitely look at enhancing this paper.

3. Co-Author of ‘Software Testing Guide Book‘, 2004/5 –
When I began my career as a Test Engineer, I struggled to find good wroking papers which give me guidance. So, when I started SoFTReL, the first project which I wanted to do was brining out a guide book, which is co-authored by as many testing professionals as possible. The idea behind brining out this guide book is to provide understanding of Software Testing in organizations and also ensure that the reader is equipped with fundamental’s.

4. Co-Author of ‘Web Testing Guidebook‘, 2004/5 –
My association with OWASP begain with this testing guide book. This guide book provides Tester’s who work on web application testing, a framework for their testing. If you are into Web Testing, you sure should read this guidebook.

5. OWASP Testing Guide Book – Part 2 –, ~ 2007
This is enhancement to Part 1 of the OWASP Testing Guide book.

6. Improving Software Security,2005 –
I was wanting to put in my experiences on Software Security in general and that is how this artical has come out. Most of the ideas in this article are what I shared with Rex Black when he requested for few of my thoughts.

7. Participated in writing Seven Steps to Software Security with Rex Black, 2006 –
This is Rex’s article which appeared in SD Times. Honestly, this is more educative than mine.

8. Integrating Medical Technology with Health Care – HOSMAC Quarterly Magazine.