If you have a MAC and a Creative NOMAD range of Music player , then you must be wondering how you would get to connect your music player to the computer. You can download XNJB and install on your MAC which can help you to synchronize the player with MAC. Visit for more information. Thank you Richard. You really…

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Buying my Mac

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was serious about the Mac this time when I came to the US. As per my itinerary, I would be in Kansas City on the 26 October when Leopard would be launched by Apple ­čÖé For the first time, I would be traveling when something is being launched by Apple. On the…

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iMac and Nikon D40

Apple Mac Notebook For a long time now, I have been really raving for a Mac Book. Earlier, when I got my Acer, was seriously thinking of picking up this dream machine, but it was not able to afford. Now, I think I am very serious about this machine and I am seriously thinking of picking up very soon. The…

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