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3D Printing – Future of Healthcare

This is the second post on this series of what I think will be the future of Healthcare. In the first post, I talked about Personalized Medicine. Joint replacement, Prostrate legs etc are gaining acceptance worldwide. 3D Printing definitely brings down the cost and hence more and more people can afford them. However, this is just one piece to the…

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Personalized Medicine – The future of Healthcare

This is one common question which comes frequently in my conversations. What is the one big thing which will change the landscape of Healthcare in the next decade or so. With my experience, I personally feel it is going to be Personalized Medicine. Recently, I met a founder who is working on this idea at a different level. Their idea…

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Innovation in Healthcare – How India is thinking different?

In an interview someone asked Dr. Devi Shetty, the Founder of Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH) as to why the Healthcare costs are increasing in India and he said “Over a decade ago, a heart surgery costed over Rs. 2 Lacs; and today it costs a little over half”. Over the last decade, the Healthcare landscape in India is considerably changing. Healthcare…

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Solving the Healthcare maze

When India got Independence in 1947, average life expectancy was 47 Years and today, average life expectancy is at 66.21 Years (we rank 139). Japan leads the list with average life expectancy at 84 Years followed by Spain, Andorra, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore and San Mario at 83 Years. The country with the least life expectancy is Sierra Leone at…

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Landscape of Wellness

Wellness has gained attention in the last few years. With proactive health care management gaining attention, fitness centers, food monitoring apps and health management centre’s have gained a lot of attention. It is estimated that the Wellness industry is a $3 Billion Market in India. What is the landscape of the Wellness? Even though the definition is broad, primarily the…

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Market Opener’s

The key problems in this world are solved. Other not so high priority problems have undergone various iterations and almost settled now. The remaining problems are left for us to be solved. Today’s innovations are mostly focused on enhancing usability and bringing technology more closer to people. Each of us have varied definitions of Innovation. In their book on Innovation:…

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